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The WXBQ Morning Air Show
Start your day with news, weather, and lots of laughs on the Morning Air Show!

The WXBQ Morning Air Show has a wacky cast of characters who wake the
Tri-Cities up laughing each morning. Co-hosts Bill Blake and Richard Quillen mix a recipe for fun each weekday morning 6 to 10am. They are treated to frequent visits from Jim Nasium who weaves his down-home thoughts, NASCAR opinions, and sly asides into his sports reports. Juanita stops by and Ruby calls. There's the Birthday Bonanza, great prizes to win, and lots of Today's New Country.

Ned Michaels

George Dixon

Steve Blevins

Steve Blevins, Ned Michaels, and George Dixon update listeners each morning with the latest from the police blotters, courthouses, city halls, and fire stations around the area. The WXBQ News Crew keeps an eye on the national news and NASCAR, too. And, when the weather turns nasty and schools start to close, the WXBQ news staff will be first to let you know.

Charlie Stuchell warns the morning commuters about the traffic tie-ups...the collisions and fender benders, the work zones, and the weather related road hazards. Charlie may also tell tales about the back-room politics of the area or about his rare and wonderful 8-track tape finds.

The WXBQ Morning Air Show also has Al Archer's Weather, news and commentary from Paul Harvey, and ABC News. Altogether it's a morning show filled with fun and prizes and enough information to get listeners off to work with a smile and head full of things to talk about around the water cooler.

Charlie Stuchell

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